Maintenance Department

With a staff of over 40 employees headed by Superintendent , the Maintenance Department keeps the Bay Club well maintained and exceptionally clean.
                                   Elaine DiGiovanni, Office Assistant
               Some of our hard-working maintenance staff at the annual cleaning of
           the pond.  
Maintenance personnel are also available to make certain repairs in the apartments in accordance with a fee schedule and authorization.
The Maintenance Office is located in the lower level arcade. Office hours are as follows:
        Monday - Friday              8:30 am  to  4:30 pm
        Saturday                         9:00 am  to  3:00 pm
The Maintenance Department may be contacted at 718-631-5214 (option 2).
                                                                    Extermination Services
Extermination Services are available to residents at no charge on Tuesday mornings. If you wish to have your apartment exterminated, call the Maintenance Office during the week.
                                                                    Garbage Disposal Rules
All garbage and refuse must be thrown down the compactor or, if appropriate, placed in the recycle binds.
No garbage, refuse or boxes may be left in the elevator area.
If you have boxes or anything that is too big for the compactor room, you must call the Maintenance Department  to arrange for a pickup from 8:30 am to 4:30 pm.
The Bay Club is committed to the maintenance of a green building. For your convenience, we have prepared a convenient list of what items to recycle and what items not to recycle.
                                                          Move-in and Move-out Procedures
An appointment must be made with the Maintenance Department which monitors the move-in and move-out of residents.