Forms and Applications

Affidavit of Residence                                      These three forms provide authorization
Authorization for Access                                   for persons to enter the Bay Club. See
Resident Authorization                                     the Security Department page for a
                                                           description of these forms.
Change of Address Form          Owners only Use this form for changing mailing address for    
                                                                    monthly maintenance bills and mail
Common Charge AutoPay: Clickpay           Unit owners who wish to pay their common charges        
                                                            with an automatic monthly debit of their bank account
                                                            must sign this form.
Common Charge On-line Remittances            This form provides instructions for unit owners who 
                                                            wish to initiate the on-line payment of common charges. 
Parking Waiver Agreement-                             Unit owners who do not reside at the Bay Club and who 
                                                           wish to transfer to their lessees the privilege of an
                                                           assigned parking space must execute a  
                                                           Parking Waiver Agreement.
Telephone Numbers of Residents                     Residents must provide the Management Office with
                                                             a phone number at which they may be reached.
Repair Fees and Authorization                         Bay Club personnel will make certain repairs in the  
                                                                         apartments in accordance with this repair fee
                                                           schedule and  authorization.
Release of Responsibility Form                 Reisdents must complete this form in order to have a 
                                                                  Bay Club Employee perform work in their Unit after the
                                                                  employees shift.